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Cross-sector Workgroup Discovery

Washington Frontiers of Innovation (WA FOI) is committed to the use of emerging caregiver and child brain science and testing and implementing new approaches and ideas to create breakthrough outcomes for the Washington’s most vulnerable children and families.  Robust activity has taken place at the program, policy, and systems level.  It builds upon the long and rich tradition of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) measurement and community capacity building work in the state.

A discovery process was launched in the fall of 2014 with a goal of mapping existing WA FOI efforts. Early in that process it became clear that these efforts fell along a continuum of attribution and contribution ranging from FOI “branded” activities to activities that were “inspired or aligned” by and with this work.  This summary of systems-level work was gathered through more than 80 direct interviews with key informants, discussions with Innovation Cluster leaders, surveys, and Cross-Sector Workgroup meetings.  The content is first categorized by themes, which include early learning, health care, public health, K-12 education, public assistance, child welfare, corrections, and housing.   This paper articulates the current activities and projects and brainstormed prospective ideas that have been generated by the Cross-Sector Workgroup (roster attached).



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