First 1,000 Days Letter of Interest

In January 2017, the WA FOI Newborn Study Group requested Letters of Interest from WA State Communities.  These materials were provided as a backdrop to that process.  18 communities applied to be apart of this work; more information about current state of that work can be found here.


Request for LOIs | Community Self Assessment | NSG Roster | NSG Strategic Framework | Community Risk Profiles

The slides from the January 6th preproposal webinar are available here. Q&A from the discussion is here.

Request for LOIs: This document includes the invitation to submit a letter of interest, information about the project, and the Interest Submission form.  It also contains the timeline for Phase One and Phase Two of the project period, and what to expect from the WA FOI “Team Resource” partners as Deep Dive Community.

Community Self-Assessment Tool:  This is a tool that may be useful to reflect upon when completing your LOI.  It is not a requirement of the submission process.  If your community is chosen to move forward in this process, these questions will provide a framework for the information exchange site visit in March 2017.

Newborn Study Group (NSG) Roster: A roster of Newborn Study Workgroup participants who have been involved at some point throughout the six-month initial study period.  Team Resource is made up of a subset of this group and represents a broad array of perspectives.

NSG Strategic Framework: The resultant summary of findings and Theory of Change from the Newborn Study Workgroup.  This document is the backdrop for the First 1,000 Days demonstration project.

Community Risk Profiles:  A link to DSHS that includes a comprehensive time-series collection of data related to substance use and abuse, and the risk factors that predict substance use among youth. Data are organized and presented within a risk and protective factor framework used across the state by substance abuse prevention planners. Data are available at the school district, locale, county and state level. This data link was included to help communities easily find their data even though it is not birth specific data.

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