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2022 Fatherhood Summit Videos

You can watch recordings of the 2022 Fatherhood Summit here.

Day 1 (Tuesday, May 24)

  • Plenary 1: An Intentional & Inclusive Fatherhood Culture, Decreasing Bias and Stigma — Dr. Alan-Michael Graves (9:38)
  • Session 1: Most Dads Are Not Violent. What If They Are? (1:36:40)
  • Session 2: A Framework for Improving Individual and System Supports for Reentering Dads, DOC and Reentry Dads (2:45:45)


Day 2 (Wednesday, May 25)

  • Plenary 2: Fathers Tell Their Story — Dads Panel (18:23)
  • Session 3: Child Sex Abuse and It’s Impact on Adult Male Survivors: The Silent Epidemic — Hassan Daniel & Josh D Sparrow MD (1:52:35)
  • Session 4: Joy and Healing Through Male Engagement — Michael Brown, Nick Torrones and Amir Gilmore (2:57:32)


Day 3 (Thursday, May 26) - Part 1

  • Plenary 3: Fatherhood Program Showcase: Washington State Division of Child Support; Dads Move; WA State Fathers Network; Spokane Fatherhood Initiative; Youth and Family Link; South King County Health Care Services (5:44)

Day 3 (Thursday, May 26) - Part 2

Check out the supplemental videos used in the Summit presentations below.

Toddler's Priceless Reaction to Her First Summer Rain With Daddy


#Dadication: Harold


Superhero Dads Compliation


Dad Life 2010


Play Catch With Her


#Dadication: Durrell


WWE's Roman Reigns: Teapot


Kitchen 30 Seconds: Fatherhood Involvement


Father-Friendly Cheerios Ad: Best Dad Commercial Ever


Strength in Families

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