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Washington Fatherhood Council

Who We Are:

The Washington Fatherhood Council was founded in the fall of 2018 as the direct result of the two day Washington State 2018 Fatherhood Summit, attended by 140 people, including 35 dads and representatives of 24 service providers. The Council is made up of a diverse group of over 30 fathers, organizations, academics, and advocates.  We provide support to improve statewide services, connect dads to resources they need, and bring fathers with lived experiences to the forefront of our efforts.  We work collaboratively to raise awareness around the unique role of fathers, cultivate a father-inclusive culture in our communities, agencies, and policies, and develop leaders.  The work of the Council aligns with the Governor's poverty reduction efforts and DSHS's goal of reducing poverty and inequality in Washington State.  

We Know That:

  • Child and family well-being improve when fathers are positively engaged in their children's lives
  • Fathers play a unique and important role in their children's development
  • Fathers should have support and resources to become the fathers they aspire to be

Our Goals Are To:

  • Increase awareness of the essential role father play in child and family well-being
  • Promote father-friendly policies and practices to increase child and family well-being
  • Promote equitable resources for fathers and families

We Are Grounded in Our Values To: 

  • Promote equity and access
  • Focus on children and families
  • Engage fathers as leaders

Whatever Your Role Is, You Can Make A Difference For Fathers.....

Individuals Can:

  • LEARN 
    • Learn about the benefits of having a father in a child's life and the stigmas they face
    • Learn to tell your story with a purpose and provide opportunities for Dads to tell their stories - Promote a Dad's voice
    • Attend Washington Fatherhood Council Events
    • Share what you learn about the important of fathers and the barriers they face
    • Invite others to Fatherhood Council Events
    • Provide fathers the opportunity to tell their stories
    • Integrate what you learn into your personal and professional lives
    • Advocate for change with your elected officials
    • Promote change within your organization

Programs, Organizations and Systems Can:

    • Provide all-staff trainings on the importance of fatherhood and how it relates to your mission
    • Support your staff attending Washington Fatherhood Council and other Father Friendly Events
    • Sponsor/partner local events with the Washington Fatherhood Council
    • Assess your father-friendly policies, practices and programs by learning about and completing the Father-Friendly Checkup
    • Recruit, hire and retain fathers for direct service and leadership roles at your organization
    • Add your father-friendly programs to our Statewide Fatherhood Resources Map
    • Share your success working with fathers with other organizations and programs
    • Promote the Father Friendly Principles in and outside your organization
    • Create and expand culturally appropriate services for fathers of all backgrounds to meet their unique needs
    • Include Fathers in your program design, policy development and evaluation processes
    • Commit to communicating with all parents whenever possible.  Be sure to ask for all parents' contact information so you can keep them informed
    • Take all parents' schedules into account when setting meeting times to maximize participation
    • Ensure materials in your offices and on your outreach and communication channels are welcoming to Dads and tailored to their specific needs


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