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Fatherhood Photo Bank

Contribute to the Fatherhood Photo Bank

  1. Please read and fill out this photo contest release form.
  2. Email us the release form. Please indicate which category you want your photo entered. (Email attachments cannot be larger then 30 mb.)

About the Photo Bank

One of the ideas that came out of the third-annual Washington Fatherhood Summit was the need for a collection of royalty-free photographs depicting fathers and their children.

We've created just such a collection here, submitted by dads in Washington.

How to Use These Photos

To use these photos in your organization, publication or website, just follow this link and complete a quick survey. We'll send you a link with direct access to our collection of almost 50 high-resolution father-friendly photos. 

Please credit the Washington Interagency Fatherhood Council in any public-facing publications.



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