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2023 Fatherhood Summit

Co-Parenting, the Hardest Job We'll Ever Do

Virtual Conference May 16-18 from 8:30 am to Noon - Click Here to Register

Co-parenting one of the most important ways parents can support their children.  It requires a lot of effort from everyone involved and does not come naturally to many people. Fortunately, emotional barriers and hurt feelings can be worked through with patience, empathy, and communication.  Join us virtually for three half days from 8:30 am to noon of insightful presentations, informative panels, and lively discussion about how we can all work together to support effective co-parenting.   

Jerry Tello - Interconnected Relation-Ships: Figuring Out How to Flow So No One Drowns

International expert, author, and teacher, Jerry Tello will share the four fundamental values of honorable relationships and how to navigate your ship, even in rough waters. He will explore important work that we all have to do to address past trauma and focus on present day healing to break the cycles of pain and build circles of health and well being for our children.

Additional Sessions Include: 

  • Prosecuting Attorney Panel: Understanding the Evolving Role of Prosecuting Attorneys in Family Cour - Four full time staff from two different counties share their insights.

  • David Moore, PHD: Better than Expected: Lessons Learned from Young Fathers’ Journey to Parenthood

  • Starting Dads Off on the Right Foot:  Supporting the Inclusion of Fathers Before and After Birth in Healthcare.  

  • Co-Parenting Panel:  Co-Parening with Integrity -  Parents share how they have overcome barriers and focus on what is best for their children to developed successful co-parenting relationships to focus on what is best for their children. 

  • The Culture of Fatherhood: Relationships, Rituals and the Return on Investments. 

Table Discussion - After each presentation, participants will have the opportunity to interact virtually with the speakers, network with participants, and learn more about co-parenting and the Fatherhood Council. 

Kid's Voice Contest

This year we’re putting your child’s voice in the spotlight with a special contest! To participate, ask your child or teen to tell us about you and what makes you a great dad. Have them draw a picture, write a short story or poem (500 words or less), or record a quick video (3 minutes or less). Feel free to get creative.

The top six submissions will be featured at our 5th Annual Fatherhood Summit! Winners will receive a $50 gift certificate.

Click Here to Learn More and Submit Your Entry



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