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5th Annual Fatherhood Summit - Day 2

Wednesday, May 17, 2023 - 8:00am to 12:00pm

Registration for this virtual event opens soon.  

Parenting Together, Even When You Aren't


Day 2 - Session One Speaker - David Moore, PHD, Professor at Univeristy of Puget  Sound

David Moore has research interests in adolescent and adult development, relationships, and teen parenting. A primary focus is romantic relationships, looking at communication patterns and other factors related to relationship satisfaction and stability, as well as psychological and physical health. This work includes analyzing whether negative patterns in dealing with situations of conflict and support may be early predictors of future physical, mental, and relationship problems. Moore also has explored the demand-withdraw pattern of interaction in intimate relationships; rejection sensitivity in different personality types; and the transition to parenthood among adolescent parents. Moore maintains a part-time clinical practice specializing in psychotherapy with individuals and couples, including using interpersonal and mindfulness-based interventions. Authored and co-authored publications include: "Young fathers and the transition to parenthood: An interpersonal analysis of paternal outcomes," in Adolescence and beyond: family processes and development (2012); “Interpartner conflict and child abuse risk among African American and Latino adolescent parenting couples,” in Child Abuse and Neglect (2008); and “Observing differences between healthy and unhealthy adolescent romantic relationships: Substance abuse and interpersonal process," in Journal of Adolescence (2008). Moore teaches Experimental Methodology and Applied Statistics, The Psychology of Romantic Relationships, and Developmental Psychology: Adolescence through the End of Life. Recently he has been working on a book that focuses on young fathers and their families.

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