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Family Resource Centers (FRCs) Study Needs You

Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families is working with a contractor team to develop better understand how Family Resource Centers (FRCs) are serving families in our state. This work will allow DCYF to better understand the capacity, services, and stability of FRCs and their potential role in preventing child abuse and neglect. See FRC Study Outreach One-Pager for more info

FRCs are:

Place-based locations where families can go and be welcomed (when pandemic-related restrictions are not in place)
Strengths-based, designed to build community, and designed to meets the needs, cultures, and interests of the communities served

FRCs provide:

Information and referral
Family advocacy (e.g., screening, needs and strengths assessment, goal-setting)
Family supportive services (e.g., parenting education, new-parent support groups, diaper closets) provided directly or through contracted providers

As a first step, we are trying to identify as many FRCs in the state as possible. We would greatly appreciate your help in identifying FRCs. We are casting a wide net and in hopes to identify as many FRCs not later than April 15th for inclusion in the survey.  Please provide contact information for any FRCs you are aware of in this very brief survey. We are seeking contact information for each individual FRC location (that is, if an organization runs two FRCs, we’d like separate contact information for both sites). If your organization is an FRC, please include your own information as well:

In April, we will send a more in-depth survey to a contact person at the FRCs we have identified across the state and will send respondents a gift card to thank them for their participation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reply to this email or contact

Thank you!

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