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Integrating Approaches that Prioritize and Enhance Father Engagement

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) issued a joint Information Memorandum (IM) emphasizing the importance of meaningful father engagement in all ACF programs to better serve children and families.

The memorandum highlights research findings that demonstrate the value of father involvement in the lives of children and families, and identifies promising practices to promote and sustain meaningful father engagement, regardless of a father’s physical location or custodial participation.

The Office of Family Assistance (OFA) has long recognized the value of healthy father involvement and the positive father-child relationship. Successful efforts include state-initiated use of TANF funds for fatherhood activities, three cohorts of responsible fatherhood demonstration grant funding, and a dynamic National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse and media campaign. OFA strongly encourages all offices of public assistance to reach, include, and empower fathers to be active contributors in the lives of their children.

The newly released IM can be found on ACF’s website 

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