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LI2 Fall Event

Please Join Us October 18th for the second full day “learn and do” session to learn tools that can help communities’ better tell their data story to policy leaders!

The National Consulting and Technical Assistance Team from Mathematica will return to do a brief overview of the Learn, Innovate, Improve LI2 (link to brief) with a deep dive into the Improve Phase.  Your community will have a chance to build a pilot around something you are already planning to do around families with high stress. We will have state agency voices in the room to co-generate ideas so that local plans benefit from state policy opportunity. You can attend this day even if you did NOT attend the March 4th overview event.  The Mathematica team will go over the whole model to catch us up before we do a deep dive into setting up Road Tests. 
Please register with a team of partners from your community that is working together to create change with families who have young children.   If you are interested but don’t have a group just sign up and we will group you geographically.
If you are coming from a state agency please be ready to jump into the process with a community to bring your system’s wisdom to help co-generate strategies.
There is No Registration fee!  We encourage people to bring their favorite brown bag lunch.
Teams will leave the day with a useable Road Test to implement!  We will be able to offer a small number of communities ongoing direct technical assistance from Mathematica while you try out your project. So this could compliment First 1,000 Days, Help Me Grow, CFCs planning efforts, Case Management transformation etc..  This is about building tools not a specific initiative. 
For more information please reach out to Anne Stone

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