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Zeroing in on the Needs of Washington Fathers

If you are wondering what Washington’s fathers see as their most pressing needs, wonder no more!  Thanks to the research conducted by Dr. Holly Schindler, we have a better understanding of their expressed needs.

The University of Washington researcher conducted her online survey of 348 Washington fathers over a three-week period.  Her key findings are that the expressed needs fell into five categories:

           1.  Custody and Parenting time agreements

            2.  Lack of services available for fathers

            3.  Social stigmas surrounding fatherhood

            4.  Child support issues

            5.  Financial insecurity

The dads listed a variety of topics of concern, including childcare options, housing needs, accepting their role as important to children, lack of paternity leave, and less court intervention.

Find Dr. Schindler's full presentation here

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